Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Friday, July 9, 2021

Pine Grove Ghost Town, Nevada

 John and I went camping over Independence Day weekend and on Saturday took a drive out to the ghost town of Pine Grove. On the way we saw some water trickling down the dirt road as we were driving uphill and hopped out to take a look and found a spring. 

This first photo is of the gorgeous sunset when we arrived at the Walker River Resort Campground Thursday night.

On the way to Pine Grove. The dirt road goes for miles and miles and you really feel like you are away from civilization. I was sure to pack us enough water but didn't pack any snacks because the plan was to stop in Yerington for fuel and lunch. We ended up getting a flat tire on the way back and barely made it to the highway where we could get help if we needed to. Which we did. 

This is the old hotel or boarding house. If you would like to read more about the history of Pine Grove, go to this link. You can see that the first floor is covered in about two feet of dirt from the mudslide that they mention in that link.

John was brave enough to climb the stairs. I stayed down.

Matilija poppies were scattered all over this area along with the yellow flower below. I don't know that flower.

You can see our kayaks on top of the truck. We did get a little kayaking in at the river back at the campground.

The mines were a little freaky to me. I stayed back and John walked up closer than I would. They are basically these huge gaping holes in the ground that look very deep and dangerous. We found two old mines. Someone mentioned there was a cemetery up there but we never found it. 

I thought this was really cool. An old miners glove. Just one.

We climbed way up the hill above the town and that is where we found those two mines in the ground.

A bat cave.

Which way to go? 

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Hummingbird Nest

Early one morning last weekend I went out to check on the baby birds. I knew it was close to them flying and leaving the nest. Only one bird was left, the other one must have flown out that morning before I got out there. The bird that was left, I captured a ton of images and I'm sharing my best ones. I kept going back and forth all day trying to get it taking it's first flight but all I got are images of it testing out it's wings. At one point you'll see the mother sitting on the nest showing how it's done. The mom came and was flying around the nest and then she landed and spread her wings and flapped. The baby wasn't quite ready that day and left the next morning before I awoke.

Even after the mom came around to show how it's done, the little baby still wasn't quite ready to leave that whole day. It kept preening and testing it's wings out. Precious.