Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Local Winery Paint Out

Today we went to a local winery for our plein air paint out with our group.  Every which way you turned, it was a stunning setting for landscape painting.  You couldn't have ordered more perfect weather.

Brian doing some sketching in the grapes.
My set up, I'm ready to start painting.
Mike is getting set up.

Judith working on her pastel landscape.
Judith's view.



Judith's painting in progress.
Mike's painting.
This is my second painting I started, still a ways to go before I'm finished.  I'm going to finish this up at home this week when I have some free time. 
This is the first painting I did today at the winery.  I wanted to keep the colors toned down for this little sketch.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Fairfield Litter Busters

We had a very successful Meetup today for Litter Busters.  There were seven of us that showed up and we cleaned a long section of the bike path across from the cemetery on Union Street.  After we finished, we drove to Starbucks for pumpkin pie that Andrea brought along and drinks.  The weather was gorgeous.

Andrea and Firinn drove from Walnut Creek to help us clean the bike path. 
Andrea and Firinn.
Mark and Mike.
Ann, Mark and Mike.
Looking back at the trail and how far we got.
I just put in a fresh bag into my Litter Busters cart. 
Ann, Mark and Mike.
All clean now. 
Filled our truck up.

Thursday, October 27, 2016


Some litter we picked up today in our neighborhood.  We only walked two blocks and picked up this much litter.  I try to go through and pick out the recycle stuff to the best of my ability.  The carts are jammed full.  I constantly push it down as I go, trying to make it more compact so I can keep going and picking up stuff.  Well, for now our little neighborhood is clean.  It won't stay that way though, we have to go through every week to stay on top of this.  It's really disheartening that people just throw stuff on the ground and gutters and other peoples lawns.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Litter Pick Up Day

I didn't take any photos from today, I forgot.  These two photos are from our pick up several days ago at Raley's parking lot.  My phone was in my back pocket but once I got to picking up the litter, I didn't want to stop to take pictures.

Mike and I were going to pick up downtown on Texas Street but it was pretty clean, not littered much.  Instead we drove to Fairfield Ave and Tabor and walked down Tabor to Pennsylvania Ave near the school.  We picked up two very full bags of trash.  There was so much litter everywhere because of the school and the 7-11 store.  We got people's yards and all around the apartments in the area, too.  Trash that was stuffed inside and underneath bushes.  Everyone stares at us.  They either thank us or just warily walk past.  I'm sure they're thinking, who are these two nuts?  lol  

The garbage man was there with his truck and he was nice enough and happy to take it off our hands.  He told us there is a policeman he knows that regularly picks up trash at some location in Fairfield.  I think he said near the old DMV.

I've been sick all week with a nasty head cold and even so, I still went because Mike seemed to really want to go do it.  It was fine with me though because I really wanted to go pick up litter.  There is something rewarding about it.  You feel good.  I don't mean, like I'm a good person, pat myself on the back thing.  I just mean it makes you feel good inside when you walk back over the area that was littered with garbage before and you see how clean you've made it.  That's a good feeling inside.

Unfortunately, the clean streets don't last long.  I'm guessing this area especially.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Plein Air Paint Out in Benicia on Sunday

Jerry sitting in the shade painting.
Sue and Marshall
Detail of JoAnne's painting
My set up.
My first view.  I painted the yellow apartments across the water.
Sue in the hot sun.
Mike under his beach umbrella set up.
Mike and Sue's view.
My second painting view of Port Costa across the water.  It was too hot for me and I did only an underpainting for this one.  I will attempt to finish this one another time.  My goal is to do just the buildings in the distance against the hills, little water and no sky.