Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Litter Pick Up Day

I didn't take any photos from today, I forgot.  These two photos are from our pick up several days ago at Raley's parking lot.  My phone was in my back pocket but once I got to picking up the litter, I didn't want to stop to take pictures.

Mike and I were going to pick up downtown on Texas Street but it was pretty clean, not littered much.  Instead we drove to Fairfield Ave and Tabor and walked down Tabor to Pennsylvania Ave near the school.  We picked up two very full bags of trash.  There was so much litter everywhere because of the school and the 7-11 store.  We got people's yards and all around the apartments in the area, too.  Trash that was stuffed inside and underneath bushes.  Everyone stares at us.  They either thank us or just warily walk past.  I'm sure they're thinking, who are these two nuts?  lol  

The garbage man was there with his truck and he was nice enough and happy to take it off our hands.  He told us there is a policeman he knows that regularly picks up trash at some location in Fairfield.  I think he said near the old DMV.

I've been sick all week with a nasty head cold and even so, I still went because Mike seemed to really want to go do it.  It was fine with me though because I really wanted to go pick up litter.  There is something rewarding about it.  You feel good.  I don't mean, like I'm a good person, pat myself on the back thing.  I just mean it makes you feel good inside when you walk back over the area that was littered with garbage before and you see how clean you've made it.  That's a good feeling inside.

Unfortunately, the clean streets don't last long.  I'm guessing this area especially.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Plein Air Paint Out in Benicia on Sunday

Jerry sitting in the shade painting.
Sue and Marshall
Detail of JoAnne's painting
My set up.
My first view.  I painted the yellow apartments across the water.
Sue in the hot sun.
Mike under his beach umbrella set up.
Mike and Sue's view.
My second painting view of Port Costa across the water.  It was too hot for me and I did only an underpainting for this one.  I will attempt to finish this one another time.  My goal is to do just the buildings in the distance against the hills, little water and no sky.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

California's Litter Problem

California has a serious litter problem and for some reason it's been really bothering me.  Litter has always bugged me but in the past I would just walk by or drive down the street and not really pay attention to it.  It's getting much worse though and in my city, no one is really doing anything to clean it up.  I've determined that I'm going to commit to walk around my neighborhood a few times per week and at least try to keep my neighborhood clean and free of trash to the best of my ability.  Keep things from washing down the gutters and into the drains.

People just dispose of stuff on our roadways and out in nature.  You see it everywhere you go.  I'm sure it's a problem all over the world and not only California.  Look at our oceans, a sea of plastic.

Three photos below I found online.

What happened?  People used to take pride in where they live.  I don't understand how someone can be walking down the sidewalk, drinking a soda or whatever and just drop it on the ground or in the gutter when they're finished.  What is wrong with them?  Did we neglect, as parents, to teach better?

Truck drivers piss in bottles and throw the bottles out at truck stops and elsewhere on our roadways.  What is wrong with them?  Why can't they hold onto the bottles and empty them and dispose of them when they stop to eat or sleep at a rest stop?  It boggles my mind and is disgusting.

These photos are from my walk around the neighborhood today.  I came upon a small section of the bike path and this is what I found.  It overwhelmed me and made me decide to wait until I had an extra hand or two.

Here's a new group I created https://www.meetup.com/California-Litter-Busters/ to hopefully clean California up.

Please teach your children and grandchildren to respect our world.  Teach them that the stuff blows around and ends up in our waterways and out into the ocean.  Our ocean is full of plastic and it's going to take years and years to clean it up.  We need to get involved.  All of us that are capable.

Many people claim to love nature and the outdoors but when they are out on the trails, do they pick up litter they might come upon?  I didn't.  I know most people don't.  They expect that someone else will pick it up.

But who is going to pick it up?  Is it getting picked up?  It's time to pick it up, guys.  The litter bugs aren't going to do it.  So we must.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Sunday Paint Out in Richmond

JoAnne painting at Meeker Slough.

Mike painting at Meeker Slough.
My painting easel at Meeker Slough.
My first view.
Michael's view and my 2nd view painting.
Here's Michael's and my paintings below, pretty near finished. I might have a little touching up to do and you never know with Mike.

Mike's painting.
He wasn't happy with his bridge and removed it when we got home and is in the process of trying again.
My first view painting. (unfinished)
My second view painting. (almost finished)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Birds of Prey - White Tailed Kite

This morning we got out of the house fairly early and on the road because I had signed us up to volunteer to count raptors as part of the East Bay Regional Shoreline program.  Of the raptors we were counting, we saw, four White tailed kites and many American Kestrels.

We saw the White tailed kite, shown in the photos below, catch and eat a small mouse. What a beautiful bird.  I've never seen one before, to the best of my knowledge.

Here it is hovering.

Here's a video I found on Youtube of a kite hovering. What we learned is when the wings are flapping, it's called hovering.  When the wings are still, it's called kiting.  

In the video below, I think the kite is doing both, kiting and hovering.  You can see at times the wings holding more still.  I'm not 100% sure but that's what I think this means, at least according to what the guide today told us.

A close up view of the kite eating the mouse.  Shown through the view from the big lens above.

We saw many bird varieties this morning: Kestrels, White tailed kites, a Cooper, a Merlin, two Green Herons, a bunch song birds and also the white egret shown below.  We saw lots of egrets, of course.  Such a common bird around here.  The highlight of the day was the kites, though.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Latest Plein Air Paintings

These are my newest plein air paintings.

Fall River Mills, CA link
Yellow House link
Gravenstein Hwy Homestead link
Mt. Diablo, Walnut Creek, CA link
Orange Truck, Crockett link
Eckley Pier Eucalyptus link
Carquinez Strait Bridge link

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Crockett Paint Out

We met up with several members from our Sunday paint group today in the small town of Crockett near the bridge.  Attila and Jerry painted under the bridge while Mike, me and Sue painted down at Eckley Pier.

Jerry and Atilla.
Atilla's painting.
Jerry's View.
Jerry's finished painting.
My view.
Sue S. working.
The gang's all here under the bridge. 
Mike asked for advice.
Jerry working on Mike's painting.
Jerry smooshing Mike's trees.
Critique area under bridge.
Mike's painting before Jerry and Atilla and Sue changed it.
Mike's painting after they touched it.
My painting, unfinished. The bees were attacking me at this location, which was a nice and cool place to be by the water.
My truck, unfinished. It was too hot, near 100 degrees, sweat dripping down my back.

Sue's (unfinished) painting.