Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Friday Morning

Yesterday morning we woke up early and hiked Pena Adobe Park.  It was a good day.
The weather was warmer than we both expected and ended up stripping off layers and cramming into the backpack.  
The hillsides were shimmering golden straw.
Find Mike.
Here he comes.

Graffiti art.
A little bit of the unexpected and not a thing to do with the hike.  Here is my new toy T. rex sitting on my coffee table.  I wanted to add a (weird) quirky and fun element to our home decor.  Some day I might even get a little buddy for him.  ;)

By Friday late afternoon I started feeling sick on the way home from the store.  Some kind of bug got me and today I'm still feeling it.  I made some chicken soup today and I'm hoping that will make me feel better by tomorrow. 

I was hoping to be able go to church in the morning and then our friends are having a shower in the afternoon and I really want to go to that, too.  They are going to become foster parents and are still awaiting the child.  They don't know the gender nor the age yet, somewhere between infant and 5 yrs. old.  They're both very excited to be starting this new chapter in their lives and we're excited for them. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall at Lake Tahoe

Michael took me to Meeks Bay for a couple of nights.  The plan was to go hiking and then explore.  The hiking was out as it rained the day we planned on doing that.  Instead, we drove around taking photos and drove into Truckee to explore the shops.  Tons of road construction everywhere in the Tahoe region which caused some minor delays getting around to and fro. 

Gorgeous colors up north.  I'm thinking of doing a few paintings from some of these pictures.
We drove to Mt. Rose to try and capture some shots of the aspen.  The leaves had pretty much all fallen.  I do love how the little leaves dance and quiver all over.  That's why they're called quaking aspen.
First image of the rainbow.
A little closer.
This is the oldest cabin on the lake (next to Sunnyside) and it belongs to my husband's ex-inlaws, The Bidstrup's.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hiking Pena Adobe Park

Went for a hike the other day and today.  Today was exceptionally hot.
Going up.
A lone hot air balloon.
These boots are made for walking.
Golden fields of wheat colored grasses.
Buckeye trees abound in the park.
This section of the park is another favorite of ours.  Jack Hume Grove, a stand of redwood trees, picnic tables and squirrels scampering about.  A perfect spot for a picnic on a hot summer day.
Jack Hume Grove
Here comes Mike.
See Mike trek up the hill?
A very steep ascent.  I love this part!