Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Thursday, September 26, 2013

What's Up With Us.

We've been working our butts off on orders and around the house and yard.  Haven't had much time to do much of anything else or post on the blog.

Last night we went to Bistro 29 in Santa Rosa with some friends and met Andy and Donna there, Brian's mom and dad.  Oh my, Brian is a wonderful cook and his staff are on top of things.  Every time we go, we fall in love all over.  One of my favorites is the $29 special he has on Tue. Wed. and Thu. nights.  Each week is different.  You get: a shot of soup, salad, entree and dessert of the week on those nights.  Of course, you can always order off the menu.  Another favorite is the Steak Frites.  Wonderful.

Brian and his wife, Françoise, are longtime dear friends of our family.  If you ever find yourself driving up 101 or in the area, please stop by for dinner at Brian's place.  Dress dressy or casual, up to you.

This is what we had last night:
$29.00 Menu
available Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Week of 9/24/2013

Amuse Bouche: Shot of potato-fennel soup
First Course:  Endive, fig and blue cheese salad with toasted hazelnuts and honey cider vinaigrette
Second Course: “Sole Armoricaine” – Sautéed sole with caramelized cauliflower, chanterelle mushrooms, spinach and lobster-cognac sauce armoricaine    
Dessert: Warm Tcho chocolate fondant cake with caramel whipped cream and caramel sauce 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunset Supper

After the little party at the top of the hill we went down to Debbie and Jerry's place for supper. 
A warm sunset glow.
Lovely hydrangea blooms.
Jerry and Marsha having a conversation about something.
Table set for ten.
See Pam.
See Pam roll in Jerry's grass.
See Pam laugh and have a good time.
See Pam and Marsha romp on Jerry's grass.
Sunset at Jerry and Debbie's place.
Our conversations can be so invigorating.  Not.  On the way home Monday:
Me:  "Look at that cute little trailer."
Him:  "Yeah, they were probably camping up at Fort Bragg having a good ol' time."
Me:  "Hey, you know I think that's the same trailer we followed on the way up the coast on Friday."
Him:  "No, you think?"  (pause)  "It sure looks like the same one."
Me:  "Wait, look!  Casita on the spare tire.  Remember, I said, Casita to you?  That it means castle?  Remember you asked me, is that what casita means?" 
Him:  "Yeah, you're right.  Hey, look at the blinds in the back.  It is the same trailer!" 
Both:  "Hey, what a coincidence!" 
Stopped for lunch in Jenner.

Friday, September 13, 2013

A Couple of Irish Beach Artists and Another Sun Goes Down.

Sunday afternoon we went to Jim and Lu Vickery's house to check out some of Jim's new paintings.
A driftwood whale we passed on the way to their house.
Jim Vickery poses for me.
Jim's Irish Beach Pirate painting.
Later on, around 5 pm, we drove back up to the top of the hill for a little champagne and hors d'oeuvres at Gary and Allen's gorgeous house with a view.
The sun was bright and shining and hot out on the deck.
A nice fog bank was rolling in which means it's very hot inland.
We had many goodies.  Cheese and crackers, nuts, chips and dips of all sorts.
Don admiring one of Gary Bower's beautiful paintings.  Such a gorgeous palette.
Mingling and taking it all in.  What a house!
It was much too hot out front so we all migrated to the back deck which was much cooler with the shade from the tall pine trees.  This is the spot where we ate our delicious goodies and enjoyed our champagne.
We had a sliver of a view through the trees.
Shadows and reflections.
As the sun went down, it became too cool on the back deck so we made our way back out front to enjoy the view.
Our view.
Marsha, a fabulous lady.
Mike, Don, Dr. Kroft, Gary and Allen.
Sweet Pam.
Jerry, handy and dandy.
Jerry's lovely wife, Debbie.
Group shot.
Four diva's of Irish Beach.  ha ha
Oops, someone got a little too happy and lost their champagne glass over deck.
From here the group of us head down to Debbie and Jerry's place for dinner.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Construction in Irish Beach

We drove up to the top of the hill at noon on Sunday to take a look at R.J.'s dream home that he's building. 
We descend upon R.J. for our little tour.
Looking south.
Looking north.
The talk of what's what.
What a view!
A quick sketch on wood.
Break spot.
And yes, I'm afraid it's true, there is graffiti in Irish Beach.
Thank you for the tour!