Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Soccer Game

My grandson, Aiden #8.
Aiden has really become quite a little soccer player.  His tongue is sticking out most of the time and he's got such concentration on that little face.  He's gotten more aggressive with the game and it's fun to watch.  I think if he sticks with this he'll be eventually be quite a good player. 
Just look at that determination.
Good kick, Aiden!
It's a goal!

Looking Pretty!

Laminate Flooring going in today.
A pretty honey golden brown.
I primed the vinyl wallpaper and painted some cheerful colors.

The bedroom is getting the same treatment.
I need to start making the curtains this coming week! 

Friday, September 28, 2012

5th Wheel Remodel

Carpet and linoleum pulled up.
Ugly rocking chairs out, ordered custom recliners.
Walls are all primed.
Still have to take up the blue carpeting in the upper level.
This winter the cabinets will get a facelift.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Disney Barber Pole on T.V. ;)

Our pole on the set for a Geico Motorcycle commercial
The custom barber pole HERE.
While watching one of our favorite shows tonight, Counting Cars on the History Channel, aka: Danny of Count's Kustoms, a Geico Motorcycle commercial came on and Mike said to me, "Check out that cool barber pole."  I said, "That's our pole, it's the one that Casey bought for the Disney set."

I paused the t.v. to capture the picture of it.  We thought our pole would only be for Disney related shows but it looks like our barber pole can be in any kind of show, movie or commercial.  How cool to see something you made on t.v. being used as a prop.  We're thrilled!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Gilad Workout

I used to workout every morning in my living room with Gilad in the 80's.  Pulled out my old step out of (my closet) storage last week.  Started doing some basic steps last week and discovered this old video and worked out with Gilad this morning.  I was using 5 pound weights (that's the lowest I have right now) and found that I had to put them down and rest about halfway through the workout.  Whew!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Saturday!

Well, we're officially crazy.  I mentioned to Michael that I'd like to remodel the 5th wheel, change a few things but take our time doing it.  For example, paint the (faux) woodwork, make new doors for the cabinets and paint, pull up the carpet and put in some laminate wood flooring, paint the walls.  A big project that I'd like to do over the winter months. 

Apparently he likes the idea.  Michael decided to start now.
Using a hair dryer to remove all the border.
The contact like paper border that goes around the whole perimeter of the inside.
The icky blue carpet and linoleum is going to be replaced with new beige carpet up the steps and upper floor and the linoleum with the laminate wood flooring.

I bought some cabin check print fabric and am going to make new curtains throughout.  I'll update with pictures as we proceed.  The problem is, the walls are all covered with a vinyl type wallpaper that has to be primed before we can paint.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Portico For the Shed

Michael designed these birds for our new overhang.

Isn't our new shed darling?  We still have to paint the underside and trim work. 

Aiden's Soccer Game

My poor darling has to have surgery on Tuesday.
Go Aiden!
Good kick, Aiden!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Poor Angelina

We went to our grandchildren's soccer games this morning.  Aiden's game was first at 8:30 then Angelina's game started around 10 o'clock. 
That's Angelina, #2, right before she fell and broke her arm for the second time this year.  Same arm (left) and same bone in the same spot.  :(


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Barber Pole and Buffet Table

Drove to Palo Alto this morning to deliver the barber pole that Facebook purchased from us:
This is handcrafted by Michael and hand painted and distressed by yours truly.
This barber pole is going to be at the new barber shop on the Facebook campus.  They're still working on the building and plan on opening the barber shop up in a couple of months.  We're going to head over there to meet the new barbers and see their new campus when it opens.

Then we drove to Hayward to grout the tile on Aunt Yvonne's table and she had her dishes all displayed on it.  Isn't it pretty?  I want one!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Aunt Yvonne's Table

Here's the finished table in our Antique Sea Glass Green, one of my favorite colors!
Aunt Yvonne's house is up in the Hayward hills and has a very Spanish southwestern style decor.  It's a beautiful home with gorgeous golden California hillsides behind their property and a sweeping view of Hayward, the bay and the city of San Francisco beyond. 
I tiled the top of the table today.  Michael was my cutter on the tile saw.
The centerpiece.
The left side.
So badly did she want to incorporate crosses on each side, which ties in with the Spanish flair going on in the home decor, so I came up with this design in order to do that.  The only way I could think of was to cut the neutral tiles into random shapes and sizes to fit like a puzzle around the crosses.  It worked out fine and any tiny imperfections in the tile cuts will be hidden once it's grouted with the sandstone color I chose.
The right side cross.
Auntie Yvonne is so cute, she just can't wait to put her dishes on it and start using it.  She promised me that she won't put anything on the top until I can get down there to grout it on Thursday.  Hoping she didn't have her fingers crossed behind her back.  ha ha