Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Saturday!

Well, we're officially crazy.  I mentioned to Michael that I'd like to remodel the 5th wheel, change a few things but take our time doing it.  For example, paint the (faux) woodwork, make new doors for the cabinets and paint, pull up the carpet and put in some laminate wood flooring, paint the walls.  A big project that I'd like to do over the winter months. 

Apparently he likes the idea.  Michael decided to start now.
Using a hair dryer to remove all the border.
The contact like paper border that goes around the whole perimeter of the inside.
The icky blue carpet and linoleum is going to be replaced with new beige carpet up the steps and upper floor and the linoleum with the laminate wood flooring.

I bought some cabin check print fabric and am going to make new curtains throughout.  I'll update with pictures as we proceed.  The problem is, the walls are all covered with a vinyl type wallpaper that has to be primed before we can paint.

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