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Honey's Treasures

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Color Choices ;-)

Introducing our newest reclaimed wood; Seabiscuit Collection.

Recently we acquired a limited supply of very special reclaimed wood from Rockingham Park Racetrack in New Hampshire.  We're calling it our Seabiscuit Collection.  Many planks show signs of years of use and being rubbed against by race horses, including Seabiscuit in 1935 and 1936.  Some boards have chew marks along the edges here and there.  This is rough sawn pine wood and comes with a premium price.  

If you would like something made using this wood, please contact Lisa through our Etsy shop HERE.
Please send the link to the item you're wanting made using the wood along with your zip code.

 History on the wood here:  Seabiscuit Collection Wood History.

Here is the link to purchase the table shown: Seabiscuit Coffee Table.

Seabiscuit Railroad Shelf Here.

Navajo Collection Below.

AS OF November 4th, 2015.

The wood above is a SPECIAL RUSTIC OLD WOOD.  If you would like something made from this wood, you will need to contact us on our ETSY page: honeystreasures.etsy.com, with the exact item link and measurements you need for the item you'd like to purchase for a quote.  This wood was acquired through a personal friend of ours.  It comes from Northeastern Arizona and is from his family's personal barn which was recently torn down because it was falling down, caved in, and was well over 100 years old.  We have a limited amount of this wood.  

Please contact us for anything made using the wood above.  Regular Rustic Wood orders WILL NOT be made with this wood unless you inquire for a price quote, this is a SPECIAL ITEM ONLY.  The wood has a beautiful grain.  Very rustic with lots of knots, some holes and cracks.  Antique wood.  Wide, 1" thick boards.  
LIMITED WOOD.  Colors can vary.

LINK; This Railroad Shelf, was made using our limited edition Navajo Barn Wood shown above.

Box Shelf LINK HERE Sample photos made from the same wood shown above:

We can make pretty much anything in our Etsy shop from the wood above.  Please inquire. Do not order something and say you want the wood above, you MUST inquire before asking for this wood.

Limited One of a Kind Table.
The Authentic Antique Legs and Handle Table below is available HERE.
The Antique Fruit Handle shown is from the 1860's.

 One of a Kind: Rustic Table with Antique Legs & Handle.

NOTE: Each table shown above is made using very old legs and the legs determine the finished height of the table.

NOTE: The cabinet below with the chicken coop doors has sold out.  However, we can make doors that replicate these and build more cabinets like this, without the numbers on the doors though.

NOTE on shelf above:  We purchased these very cool old screened doors, each with unique number plaques.  Has original green paint (cleaned and sealed) for protection.  Michael designed a cool storage cabinet to display these doors.  We have sold out of the doors but can replicate something similar.  Please contact us for a quote.

If you would like to contact us, please contact us directly through our Etsy Shop online.  If you contact me here in a comment, I most likely won't see it.

Note on Colors;  This is only a sampling of our color choices.  All painted and stained colors are made with pine wood.  All painted colors come distressed.  If the listing does not state the color you would like, please mention at check out in the note to seller box the color you would like.  Rustic Old Wood is not an option on some items, please inquire first.

Please feel free to email me on Etsy with questions and please be sure to frequently check your emails in case I have a question.  Thank you ~ Lisa xo

Important:  Please keep in mind that (Rustic Wood) reclaimed wood comes from various sources and does not necessarily always mean antique wood nor is it always the exact color shown in the listing.
All reclaimed wood can vary in color, knots, holes, etc., which is out of our control but fairly close to the colors shown.  Once in awhile a board will be a bit off in color which adds to the rustic charm and character.

NOTE: All of our painted and stained pieces are made from pine wood unless otherwise noted and all painted colors come distressed.

Important: Please also keep in mind that measurements are approx. and not always 100% perfect.  If you specify that to us at check out in the note to seller box that you need a certain measurement to be more exact we will do our best to achieve that for you.

Important:  It is also your responsibility as a buyer to read the listing Title and Description.  If in doubt about something, please contact us before purchase so we can clarify for you.

Shipping:  For most items, shipping does not include Alaska or Hawaii.  Please inquire.  If shipping isn't stated for your country, please inquire for a quote.  Thanks!  ;-)

If Rustic Old Wood isn't a choice in the listing, please inquire first. Or for custom requests on sizes.

NOTE:  All Tree and Bird Cabinet Color Variations (samples) shown at the very bottom of this page along with our custom Jewelry Cabinets.  A fantastic gift idea for that special someone.

Our own unique design idea!  Rusty Tin Patches Optional at check out for Box Shelves.
Rusty Tin Patches Sample Picture on White Shelf:

Rusty Tin Patches Sample Picture on Rustic Reddish Wood Shelf:

Rustic Old Wood (sealed)
Rustic Old Wood (sealed)
Rustic Old Wood (sealed)
Rustic Old Wood (sealed)
Rustic Old Wood in Gray Finish
Rustic Old Wood in a Multi Wash - Please click on link to see variations in colors.
The Washed Color Shown above is with Lemon Yellow and Sea Glass Green.
Rustic Wood Multi Wash
The Washed Color Shown above is with Turquoise and White.
Rustic Old Wood in a Multi Wash (as shown above)

Same Shelf as Above; Stained Dark Brown.

Rustic Multi Wash (as above)
The Washed Color Shown above is with Sea Glass Green and White.
Inside of Cabinet Above.
Rustic Redwood Stain (this is Rustic Reddish Wood with a stain finish)

Rustic Reddish Wood (natural and sealed)
Rustic Reddish Wood (lighter version)
Knots and character varies in all of our woods.  If you want this color, please make a note to us at check out in the note to seller box that you would like the lighter one. 

Two Tone Rustic Reddish Wood
Stained Mahogany Pine
Stained Mahogany (with Black Shelf Top) Pine

Stained Dark Brown Pine
Stained Light Brown Pine
Stained Golden Oak Pine

Whitewashed Gray (Rustic Reddish Wood used forWhitewashed Gray)

Black Pine

Black Pine

White Pine
White Pine
White Pine (Color in image not true due to lighting, closer to white cubby bench shown below)
White Pine
Buttermilk Pine
Lemon Sherbet Pine

Lemon Sherbet Pine (faded due to lighting conditions)
Lemon Sherbet shown with Turquoise Rustic Old Wood

Cornbread Pine

Cornbread Pine

Bright Yellow Pine

Sea Glass Green Pine
Sea Glass Green with Lemon Sherbet Pine

Sea Glass Green Pine
Sea Glass Green (a wood combination is used for this table)
Leaf Green Pine (appears a bit darker due to lighting conditions)
Leaf Green Wood combo (Leaf Green color truer here)
Sage Green with Buttermilk Combo Pine
Hunter Green Pine
Robins Egg Blue/White/Bright Yellow Wood Combo

Robins Egg Blue Pine
Deep Tropic Pine

Turquoise Pine
Turquoise shown with Lemon Sherbet Rustic Old Wood

Navy Pine
Beige Pine
Beige Pine

Dark Gray Pine

Dark Gray Pine
Light Pink Pine
Bright Pink shown non distressed
Red Wine Rack, Pine

Brown Wine Rack, Pine.  This is painted brown and distressed.  Not a stained finish.
Purple Pine

Buttermilk, Rustic Old Wood
Sea Glass Green and Red, Rustic Wood
Navy Blue with Light Blue Dots, Indoor Outdoor

The two goats shown above are from our customer that purchased two goats from us and gave them such cute names and placed in a little fenced pen.  How cute is that?  The eyes are different because she repainted them.  We can do the eyes similar if you mention at check out in the note to seller box.  Otherwise, the eyes will be painted like our listing on Etsy shows.

As you can see, we make a large variety of handcrafted furniture and items for home decor in a wide range of colors.  These are samples of some of our colors you can choose from and we are constantly adding new colors to our inventory.


 Wine Cabinet, Sea Glass Green, Lemon Sherbet behind tree, brown tree

Cabinet, Same colors noted above without the ball feet.  To hang on wall.

 White Cabinet, Smokey Blue behind tree, Brown Tree.

 White Cabinet, Smokey Blue behind tree, Light Gray Tree.

White Cabinet, Smokey Blue behind tree, Light Gray tree as above.

 White Cabinet, Smokey Blue behind tree, Brown Tree.

 White Cabinet, Smokey Blue behind tree, brown tree, light gray fence.

White Cabinet, Sea Glass Green behind tree, brown tree.

 Brown Cabinet, White Door, Stained Light Brown behind tree, Brown tree.

 White Cabinet, White behind tree, Brown Tree.

 Inside of Cabinet above.

 Black Cabinet, Light Gray behind tree, Brown Tree.

 White Cabinet, Smokey Blue behind tree, Brown Tree.

 White Cabinet, Sea Glass Green behind tree, Black to Brown Tree.

 White Cabinet, Purple behind tree, Brown Tree.
Inside of cabinet with drop down door.

Brown Cabinet, Smokey Blue Doors, brown tree
Brown Cabinet, Buttermilk Doors, brown tree
White Cabinet, Light Gray Doors, black tree
Smokey Blue Cabinet, Stained Light Brown Doors, brown tree
Stained Light Brown Cabinet, Buttermilk Doors, brown tree
White Cabinet, Smokey Blue behind tree, brown tree
We can do mostly all of our tree designs as wall art or the wall art ones as cabinets.  Please inquire with measurements and zip code directly to our Etsy shop at honeystreasures.etsy.com

Sample Wall Art Trees:

Tall Skinny Tree, White frame, Sea Glass Green behind tree, brown tree

Rustic Wood Tree, Old Wood Brown Tree with Rustic Reddish Wood behind tree
Wall Hanging

Rustic Wood Tree, Mahogany Tree with Grayish Wood behind tree
Wall Hanging
Windswept Tree Wall Hanging

Double Door Tree Wall Hanging.

Bird Designs:

Blue Herons, White Cabinet, Bright Yellow Doors
He's a Bird Dog, Turquoise Cabinet,  White Doors, Blond dog, Red bird

Horse Cabinet, Red, White Doors, Black Horse
Horses face away.
Horse Cabinet, Red, Turquoise Doors, Black Horse
Horses face each other.
And a Lighthouse:
Lighthouse, Smokey Blue, Buttermilk Doors

Jewelry Cabinets.  Hinges can be black or rusty.  Necklace hooks on back inside wall can be white or antique gold.  Knob colors vary, I (Lisa) usually choose what looks good with the knobs we have in stock unless you specify at check out in the note to seller box.  It would be best to include a few color choices to me if you want to have a choice in the bracelet knob color.  


Shorter Sized Version Shown Above

Rustic Old Wood - Black Hinges

 Leaf Green
Pine Wood - Black Hinges

Pine Wood - Black Hinges

Rustic Blue Wash, Rusty Hinges
Rustic Old Wood - Rusty Hinges
 White, Black Hinges
Pine Wood - Black Hinges

 Whitewashed Gray, Rusty Hinges
Rustic Reddish Wood finished in Whitewashed Gray with Rusty Hinges

 Bright Yellow, Black Hinges
Pine Wood - Black Hinges

 Sea Glass Green, Black Hinges
Pine Wood - Black Hinges

Single Door in Whitewashed Gray shown with Rusty Hinges 
Rustic Reddish Wood shown in Whitewashed Gray with Rusty Hinges

Buttermilk Traditional Doors shown in Buttermilk (non distressed finish)
Inside shown below.
Finished in Pine Wood

Shown above.

55 x 30 x 4.5 Size: Does NOT include stand shown.
Shown in Rustic Old Wood.
 Our largest jewelry cabinet for hanging only.
If you want the stand, you would still need to secure it to your wall studs to prevent tipping over.
Please provide your zip code for a quote to include the stand if you're interested in having it and contact us on our ETSY shop: honeystreasures.etsy.com
48 x 24 x 4.5   Size
Rustic Old Wood

Rustic Old Wood

As you can see, we have a variety of color combinations and style designs that can be used for our furniture and shelves.  As we get more pictures of new items and colors, we will update as time allows.  If you have a custom request for a cabinet, shelf or something else you need for your home or office, please provide as much detail as possible at time of inquiry, including any images or measurements along with your zip code.  The more detail, the better we can help expedite the process of getting a quote to you.

Please don't hesitate to contact us through our Etsy Shop online:  honeystreasures.etsy.com

We welcome your inquiries.  If you have a custom request, please attach the link or images to the email to us directly on Etsy.  Thank you!  


  1. Hello! I tried to post another comment but don't know if it went through. Is it possible to purchase your "Wood Storage Bench - Furniture - Entryway - Hall - Shoe Storage - Your color choice - Solid Wood on Etsy ($300) in the reclaimed wood/new wood combo?

    Thank you so much.

    R. Brown

    1. Hi, Yes, do you want it to look like the coffee table that is stained wood? We can do that. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      Thank you! ~ Lisa

  2. Well, I am having a hard time deciding as they are all lovely, but I am leaning toward a storage bench with the look of the coffee table. I will decide soon. Thank you for getting back to me!

    1. You're very welcome, I'm glad to help. If you decide to contact me again, it's best if you email me directly through Etsy if you can. I don't get notified of emails on my blog and it was purely by accident that I saw your message.

      Thank you!
      Lisa xo

  3. Have you ever mixed the antique brown and antique white looks together?

  4. Hi Joni,

    No, we haven't done that but could do it if someone requested an order in that color.

  5. I have some interesting shades in the room I need this piece for so it looks like right now the only thing that might fit is the antique brown with buttermilk. A burgundy would look wonderful though. Do you happen to have an antique burgundy color?

    1. Hi Jacqueline,

      It's better if you contact me through our Etsy Shop; honeystreasures.etsy.com

      Please provide me with the link of the item you're interested in and I will get back to you. It's the best way to contact me and ask questions regarding items and colors. I don't always check my messages here on my blog. Thank you!