Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Fun Weekend Camping

Went camping for three nights with our two grandchildren, Angelina and Aiden.  We always have a blast with Angelina and Aiden and this time our friends, Gary and Jan came along with their cute grandson, Joseph and sweetie pie dog, Bella.

Joseph and Aiden and Bella.
I love Bella.
Their cute grandson, Joseph.

Angelina enjoying some hot cocoa.
Jan relaxing.
Aiden and Joseph hard at work.
Aiden's turn at seaweed jump rope.
Joseph's turn.
Angelina's turn.
Guess what time it is!
Discovered treasure.
Get it, Bella!
That's the life!!
Aiden flying a kite.
Bella love.
Joe's turn.
Aiden, Shelby, Angelina, Haley, Joseph.
Jan, Joseph, Gary and Bella.
Mike, Aiden, Angelina and Me;
Newfound camping friends, Haley and Shelby with Angelina.
Fun at the pier, Lawson's Landing, August, 2012.

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