Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Craft Fair Today

We did another Christmas craft fair today at Nelda Mundy School here in Fairfield.  What nice people!  Everyone!!  Super nice!! 

You gotta hear this story.  I had a really good deal going today, buy one pendant at reg. price, $15- or get two pendants for $20- what a deal, right?  I sold a bunch of pendants today, a great day.  Everyone loved my pendants and I'm so glad.  Women, men, boys and girls of all ages bought them!!

Well, this one little boy had been eying these pendants all afternoon.  Finally he came up to buy one of them and I told him that if he chose two that he could have them both for twenty dollars.  So, he chose the two that he'd been eyeing.  Then he began counting out his wad of cash, all one dollar bills wadded up in his little fists.  He counted one by one and stopped at thirteen.  That was all his money.  He looked up at me with those sweet eyes.  Well, how could anyone resist that?  You tell me.  So, of course he got both pendants and what a treat that was for me to see.  He was so happy!  He made my day! 

Another wonderful day in the life of Honey's Treasures.

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