Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Monday, February 28, 2011

What's Happening Around Here

Accomplished a lot of stuff today. 

1.  Got the stripes painted on the custom barber pole for Disney's new filming set. 

2.  Finished a custom table and will be packing that tonight for shipment.

3.  Michael and I shipped off two large shelves today, a wine rack, a chalkboard and a small barber pole.

4.  Everything is ready for me to antique tomorrow; 5 new projects to get ready for shipment.

5.  Michael made 2 large shelves, several sets of custom letters, several birdhouses and is working on a new project.

Tomorrows goals:

1.  Touch ups and finish the humongous barber pole for Disney, well, for Casey, he's in charge of the set design. ;)

2.  Antique a Van Gogh Cabinet, antique some custom letters that were ordered, antique two more large shelves and one small railroad spike shelf... and I can't think what else right now, my brain is tired.  Got to go give it a rest.

We love our little business and we love our customers.  We're so happy to be doing something we both love to do.  How many people can say they love their job?  Even to have a job in this economy, we're thankful. 

Oh, we're opening another shop with a new company just launched.  More later.  They are still working out the bugs and I've just begun listing a few things.  I'll create a link and will have it here on our site.  Basically, it's the same kind of things in our Honey's Treasures, Honey's Colors and maybe Mike's Barber Poles all rolled into one. 

Got to start painting again, soon.  So many new ideas for landscapes, etc., are floating around in my head and I'm itching to get going.

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