Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Springtime Clean Up

Last weekend we worked in the backyard all day both Saturday and Sunday.  Many hours of hard work but it paid off.  We cut back all the ivy (we have ivy growing all along our fences,) trimmed some branches, pulled weeds, pressure washed the brick which was covered with moss.  The moss is very pretty, but going into the house from the brick patio we track it in, which isn't so lovely. 

The ivy had completely taken over one of our trees.  We cut the ivy back every year, however we must have missed this section for several years because the ivy trunk was about 12 inches in circumference and you couldn't tell where the poor tree was hiding.  You can see the tree above, it's the brown trunk just behind the woodpecker on the birch tree.  You can also see where I dug out and removed an ugly plant that took off and invaded the grassy area.  I was so glad to get rid of that thing.  Well, now we have this ugly bare spot that we need to patch up.

First hydrangea bloom.  My favorite!  ;)

Cyclamen still blooming.  Such a dainty woodland flower. 

Hand carved Blue Heron.  Love him!
Sunday we pressure washed the house to clean off all the winter dirtiness.  I also repainted two screen doors.  The house and yard looks so nice and it's now all ready for some summertime fun!

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