Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Friday, May 20, 2011

What's up.

Went to an estate sale this morning.  The poor lady had fallen in her backyard and hit her head many years ago, the neighbor said she was never the same after that.  Her husband has been in a nursing home for some time now and the wife had been in a home as well.  The house has sat empty for the past five years.  A time capsule.  The dear lady recently passed away and her husband is still alive and in excellent mental health with a good sense of humor.  The neighbor shared some information about the couple as we were waiting to go inside.  On a recent visit to the care home he told us of how the husband had joked with him about how "it's not so bad here."  The old gentleman said, "The ratio of girls to men is about 9/1."

Some people might think it's a little morbid or give them an odd feeling to go through the personal belongings of a stranger.  Doing dishes at my sink tonight the thought struck me that one day after I'm gone people might come into our home and someone might pick up the very bowl that I had just washed and want to buy it for a buck or two.  Is that an offense to me?  No.  I'd be glad that someone might enjoy the things that delighted me, that is, if my children don't wish to have any of my junk.

That's the funny thing, we go to these estate sales all the time.  I ask the person running it if there are children living and don't they want anything here?  The answer is invariably the same: they don't want any of it, "it's not to their taste."  Here we are today with people like us going through their things and discovering new treasures for ourselves or others to use and enjoy.  So...   

This hair dryer belonged to the former lady of the house.  Don't you just love it?  Can't you picture her sitting at the kitchen table with her hair in curlers sipping some tea and going over her errands and chores for the day?  

1950s or 60s GE Deluxe Hair Dryer with Bonnet

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