Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Portico Construction

Went to Irish Beach last weekend to help Pam and Don with their new portico that Roger designed and is building for them.  Well, I pretty much lazed around most of the weekend and watched and took pictures and went for walks around the pond, etc., with Sonja and Marsha.  Perfect weather.

Stopped at Matt's on our way home to purchase some tiles for our wine racks and Michael is going to make either a sofa or coffee table out of a really cool fish tile we bought.  We search for the best tiles with detail and color.  Besides the extra large fish tile, we bought several other fish tiles, a turtle, starfish, a skull and some smaller tiles that I'm going to frame.  

First cut.

First beam in place.

Getting it level.

Second heavy beam and I mean heavy.

Trucking it in place.

Up.  And then down.  This one fell over a little later.  Glad no one was hurt.  Whew!

Cutting out the roof.

Putting the cross beams in place is a challenge.

At one point the ladder with the beam on it, landed on Michael's foot.  Poor guy.

In place.

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