Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Old Injurys

Michael and I used to buy fixer-uppers, fix them up and sell them.  The latter part of 2005 was our last purchase, just as the economy was heading downward.  The house was on the Mendocino Coast in a little ocean community called Irish Beach.  The two of us, along with our hired friend, Greg, did all the work ourselves driving three hours each way every weekend for six months.

I became good at tearing down walls, taping and texturing walls and fixing Michael and Greg's mistakes; lol, painting, tiling, you name it.  If we didn't know how to do something we'd learn.  Greg was the expert plumber and electrician, (that is not Mike's thing.) ;-D

Anyway, it was in very early 2006 that I was tiling the whole house using 18" square tiles, room by room.  On my knees in the kitchen/entry area I remember reaching out with a big, heavy tile in my hands to lay it in place and something went rip in my shoulders and I cried out in pain.  Didn't think much of it and continued my work.

From the completion of that house we went on to remodel my aunt's home.  It was then I knew something was truly wrong with my shoulders, more so in my right one.  Went to the good doctor, had X-rays taken, found out both shoulders had a minor tear, not enough to warrant surgery but enough for injections in each side.  That offered me immediate relief.  For about a year.  Then another injection in my right shoulder which did not help a bit.  Had an MRI done last year before the holidays which showed complete separation of muscle and bone in my right shoulder. 

Here I am today, getting ready for surgery next Thursday, Feb. 2nd.  Approx. 10 days or so of wearing a sling (I'm right handed and have been practicing using my left), no lifting over 5 pounds for 3 months.  Not yet sure if I can drive during that time or not, physical therapy: yes.  Questions to ask my doc next week.

I've been preparing for this operation since being put on the waiting list last November: I have my freezer full of more than a few good meals: spaghetti sauce, chili beans, beef stew.  Planning on deep cleaning the house next week, just before surgery, so I can come home to a clean house.  Not that it's dirty but I want everything spic and span so I won't have to worry about cleaning or asking Mike to do it.  He's got enough work.   

Hoping that I'll have enough time to make a few more meals...

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