Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Sunday, October 21, 2012


After talking about it last night, we decided to see Sedona first and go to the Grand Canyon tomorrow.  We were both so excited as we pulled out of the campground this morning.  Michael made a left turn.  {I was thinking: He should have made a right turn.}  He gets down the road about a mile or so and we see the BIG sign that says GRAND CANYON.  I told him he's going the wrong way.  He said, "No, this is the way."  Well, long story short, he pulled over and I asked a woman standing beside the road the way to Sedona.  She confirmed it.  Michael made a U turn.

On our way to Sedona this morning, there was so much beauty all around that we couldn't help taking lots of pictures along the way.  I was thinking that the day will go by very fast at this rate and we'll never get to see all the things we have planned.
Tuzigoot National Monument
The first place on our list was Tuzigoot.  We learned about the Sinagua Indians whom inhabited these abandoned and ancient dwellings.
Room going to rooftop.
A colorful lady!
Next we drove into the historic town of Jerome and had lunch at a bbq joint, Bobby D's.
I had the bbq chicken sandwich and fries.
Mike had the bbq poor boy with fries.

Biker Momma and her Pappa.
After feeding our growling stomachs we headed to Montezuma Castle historical landmark.  Another ancient dwelling the Sinagua people built into the cliffs.  This was our favorite place.

A model that shows how the rooms were set up and how the natives reached them using ladders.
Arizona Aspen.
The Red Rocks of Sedona...

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