Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Friday, December 6, 2013

A Cold Spell and Some Hot Tea for Me Please.

This morning we hiked up Pena Adobe again.  It was butt ass cold!  Shallow parts of the lagoon were frozen as was my nose.  I wore my warmest hiking pants and two base layers on top and a wind breaker as well as wool mittens and Smart Wool socks.  I can't say that I was toasty warm but I wasn't cold.
I bought several cool pairs just like these at REI and they are ski socks but I wear them hiking and I like how they're nice and tall to cover my leg and help keep me warm.

I was wanting some honey and while grocery shopping at Raley's a couple of weeks ago I discovered this brand of honey.  It looked good to me so I bought it hoping it would be better than your average jar of honey.  It is!!  I'm in love with this honey because it's the best tasting and full of flavor, unlike any I've tried before.  You only need a small bit of this because it's sooooo sweet.
My pretty little tea cup and matching saucer.
I bought my hand knitted tea cozy at SweetMaya's shop on Etsy and my tea today is Chocolate Orange Cream which I bought at Mr. Trombly's Tea Shop in Duncan Mills while on a camping trip. 

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