Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Jewelry Organizer Cabinet for Hanging - ©

Bright Yellow with White Necklace Hooks
Bright Yellow

Rustic Blue Wash
Rustic Old Wood
NOTE: Please keep in mind that the rustic old wood colors vary.  We cannot control the color, it's reclaimed old wood.  See NOTE below.
Leaf Green

Whitewashed Gray with Rusty Hinges
© I designed a jewelry cabinet awhile back, it was something I'd been wanting to do for quite some time.  The first one I designed for my own use and have since sold quite a few of them in varying colors and custom sizes.  Here's a sampling of some colors shown above.  We do custom sizes.  If you would like a quote, please email me through our Etsy Shop with the exact dimensions you need: Height x Width along with the color you want and your shipping zip code.  ; )
Depth on all our Jewelry Cabinets is 4.5 inches deep.

NOTE:  Knob colors vary.  I choose for you unless you need a specific color.  Please contact me before purchasing to see if I have the color you want.  I try to choose colors that go with or accent the color you choose for the cabinet. 

Choices;  Hinges can be Black or Rusty.
Necklace Hooks inside center cabinet can be Antique Gold or White. 

You can see all the different sizes and pricing HERE.

NOTE: The color of the Rustic Old Wood which, is much darker than shown! The lighting wasn't quite right when I took the picture.  Please keep in mind that all of our reclaimed rustic wood and rustic reddish wood; the wood color can vary some from piece to piece. We cannot guarantee the color will be exactly as shown. Can be a bit darker than shown and varied. It's reclaimed wood!

Please do not copy our designs.  ©

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