Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spending on average four hours or more in front of the computer working on my new job.  Trying to remember to get up frequently for breaks, stretches, water and snacks, although there's not much in the house in the way of snacks.  Cupboards are as bare as Old Mother Hubbard and at times I feel like an Old Mother Hubbard, knees creaking when I stand up.  Crack, creak, crack.

Almost noon, Michael should be home in a bit.  Then we're heading up to Sacramento to visit my mother, meet our friends for an early dinner at our very favorite place to eat of course.  Fins!  Fish tacos, I might add, the BEST fish tacos you'll ever eat.  If you're ever in Sacramento, you'll want to go have some fresh fish tacos.  Whatever kind of fish you ask for, yes, you can get any kind of fish you want, all fresh, just be sure to order the fish grilled.  You're mouth will water when you take your first bite and you will be back to Fins again after that first bite of love, yes, love.  Guaranteed.

Here's our latest find and treasure, a vintage neon Coors beer sign.  How cool is that?

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