Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Activities

1.  Went to the gym to get my workout in, showered, changed into my messy (paint splashed) work clothes.
2.  Dropped off another shipment.  Yeah!
3.  Came home, grabbed a slice of last night's leftover pizza from Mary's Pizza Shack.  Yum!
4.  Worked on the new wine racks, got those painted and ready for step two.  Worked on two jewelry boxes.  Worked on a new (old) knick knack shelf that I'm refinishing, got it painted and ready for step two.  Came in the house to grab a snack and some more water, I'm hungry and thirsty.  It's now 3pm and where did the day go?  It's time to glue the silver bails onto the very cool pendants that I recently made and can not wait to start listing  on honeystreasures.etsy.com.  They are amongst my favorite and plan on wearing one Queen of Hearts to play cards Friday night. 

...After the gluing is done, I'm back outside (working under the umbrella that Michael put up for me to stay cool) on the previous things mentioned; the step two parts.   Dinner at our friend, BeBee's house tonight.  Pizza again.  Looking forward to seeing her.

5.  Back to work, break over.

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