Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday's Adventure with the Metzger's

Sharyn and Greg arrive bright and early.  First stop, estate sale in Napa.  Not much there, ended up with a cute little ceramic rooster.  We didn't get far before we all decided that we're hungry.  Unscheduled stop, Buttercream Bakery for breakfast.   Everything was all decorated so pretty.

All dressed up with a tinsel bow on top.

Vanilla and Chocolate cupcakes with swirls and sprinkles.

The cutest cupcakes.

Pink and Yellow with a Cherry on Top!

Fresh doughnuts, get your fresh doughnuts here.

Wait!!  Who's that I spy?

Is it???  Yes, is him.  Mr. Incognito
After our bellies were all full, we headed to the Petaluma Recycle Waste Station to hunt for treasures.  I found a very old Montgomery Ward table with an original price of $3.98 on the bottom.  It's solid wood.  I'm going to sand it down and repaint and make it shabby and cute.  Got a really cool chair and some other things as well.  Great stop!

Cannot come to Petaluma without stopping at Janet's place, The Find.  Michael has some things on consignment there and she's pretty much sold everything and needing us to bring her more goats, blue herons, potting tables and some other birds and things.  Janet is so talented and such a hard worker.  If you're ever in Petaluma, be sure to stop by The Find.  Just as we were leaving a man came walking down the street holding the reigns of two mules.  Aren't they so cute?

Back on the road and headed to our original destination for the day:  San Rafael.  Sharyn heard from a friend that the thrift stores over there are fabulous and we just had to check them out for ourselves.  Sure enough, they are pretty good stops.  Found a wonderful floor lamp, solid wood.  Missing a shade.  Not sure what I'm going to do to finish it off once I do my magic on it.  Still pondering....

Now I must say, it's way past noon by now, so what do we gotta do?
Sol Food, LOVE the decor!  That's old doors and shutters lined up along the walls.

Yep, that's them!  Sharyn and Greg.

And who's this girl?

The motley group.
If you're ever in San Rafael, stop by Sol Food.  It's good Caribbean food.  I must warn you, the line was out the door but it went fast and we got a table as soon as we placed our order.  Yes, you place your order and pay, then get a table.  They have a huge and attentive wait staff.  The decor is gorgeous, as are the colors.  Till our next adventure...now it's back to work.

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