Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Oak Tree Cabinet

New Oak Tree Cabinet
I've been needing a new cabinet to hang on the wall in my bathroom for the longest time because the one I have is too small.  So I designed a new Oak Tree Cabinet to hang above the toilet in my bathroom to store all my hand towels and bath items.  This is perfect!  Michael made it for me and I painted and antiqued it in my favorite colors:  Sea Glass Green and Lemon Sherbet.  The yellow behind the tree really makes the tree stand out.  I'm in love.  Sigh. 

Once I get it hung and everything put in it, I'll post another picture just so you can see how it looks hanging on the wall.  I wanted something fairly tall to give me plenty of room for all my stuff.

I had fun drawing the tree and Michael cut it out to perfection.  He's so good!

We have so many Oak Tree Cabinets in our shop now and we're designing another one.  Very similar to this except it will have a different purpose.  You will see it by this weekend or sooner.  I promise.

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