Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I have been searching and searching for months and months.  Throughout the house, the attic and every nook and cranny.  Five little poems written by my maternal grandfather that have been in my family for many, many years which seem to have vanished into thin air.  I ended up asking my Aunt Sandy if she had copies, to which she replied she did but haven't seen them in years and would have to find them.  Guess what?  She couldn't find hers either.  I'd just about given up when I got an email from Aunt Sandy about a week ago.  She asked my other aunt (Aunt Bernice, the oldest of seven) to see if her son, Jerry, had copies.  Which he did and mailed to my Aunt Sandy.  And she made copies and mailed them to me.

So, now I have my grandfather's cherished and dear to my heart poems once again. 

A pipe and the odor of tobacco.  Dipping plain cake doughnuts in black coffee.  Sitting on Grandpa's lap and whispers in my ear that Jesus loves me.  These are some of the things I remember about my grandfather.  My grandfather died from cancer when I was still a very young girl and so I really don't have very many memories of him.  Except these few and his funeral.

And his poems.  Here is the first poem I'll share with you.

I Need You

I'm feeling sad, I'm feeling blue
I need someone, someone like you
Your voice drives all my cares away
Your smile turns night into day
I need you -

When everything seems so upset
There is just one thing I can't forget
I can't forget my love for you
I can't forget my sweetheart true
I need you -

When all alone without a friend
When troubles seem to have no end
It's then I know, when I think of you
That behind the clouds the sky is blue
I need you -

I need your arms around me tight
I need your smile to make things right
I need your love so tried and true
I want nobody else but you
I need you -

by my grandpa, William T.

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