Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Busy With Things

Since we got home last Monday, it's been non-stop work.  Every single day.  Today I painted and antiqued five Oak Tree Cabinets, three Wine Racks, two Railroad Shelves and two Rope Shelves.  And then I packed for shipment all of of those along with some we did left over from yesterday.  Michael has been going at it all day long working on some new orders and we're almost caught up from our vacation.  Right now, he's in the recliner resting after a hard day's work!  Going to hang out and relax tonight, watch a movie, have some popcorn.

These are the last of our pictures from Carmel.
If I can get to sewing, I'd like to make a pair of crisp white pajamas.
Salad forks with doggie handles.
We discovered a new shop in town: Trio` Carmel.  Sample some delicious balsamic and olive oils along with tasting from a local winery.  I bought three bottles of oil and three of the balsamic vinegars, various selections.
Sealing my bottles with the heat gun.

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