Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Thursday, February 14, 2013

An extraordinary adventure.

Buy this book, pour yourself a cup of tea and curl up in a comfy chair.  The true account of frontierswoman, Olive Fredrickson.  Olive grew up forty-five miles from the nearest school and therefore did not receive a formal education.  Nevertheless, her writing style is readable and quaint.  Choose becomes chuse, heartbreak is hartbrake, accident turns into axedent and certainly comes out as sertainly. 
Olive witnessed her mother's death at the age of nine and at nineteen she married a trapper who led her into a perilous life way out in the Canadian northern territory wilderness far away from the comforts of civilization.  Although sixty years had past her mind is sharp and she recounts the hair raising experiences in the frozen wasteland that became her home during the first years of her marriage to hunter, Walter Reamer.

She relates the horrifying details of her trek in 50 degree below zero weather while she, her husband and infant child were near death from starvation and cold.  Details of encounters with wolves that will make the hair on your neck stand straight.

The events and hardships as related in this book, truly seem incredible.  This amazingly skilled woman kept her children alive in the 20's and 30's by chopping wood, shooting and skinning moose, and once walking 45 kilometres to the nearest settlement when food supplies ran out in the dead of winter.

Olive says she learned to make every shot count when growing up on the shores of Sturgeon River, 40 kilometres northeast of Edmonton.  Her trapper father allowed the children only a couple of bullets for every hunting trip.  "I learned to shoot good" she said. 
I understand, even though I've not seen it, Hollywood did make a movie in the early 80's but why they haven't made another or at least put this one on dvd is a curious thing to me as this would be a wonderful story for all to see.  It's definitely a great and interesting story to read!  People were cut from a different cloth in those days, strong and rugged.

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