Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

MRI Scan

On Monday I had an MRI of my wrist.  That's not me, of course, (I laid face down with my wrist in some contraption) but for those of you that have never had an MRI, this is what it sounds like inside the tube.  There are a few other loud clanging and banging noises that it makes for the twenty five or so minutes you're inside the tunnel (lying perfectly still) besides the noise example in this video. 

Anyway, my wrist (right) has been bothering me off and on over quite a few years, probably at least the past eight years and I've been dealing with it.  Actually, it's only the last couple of years and even the last couple of months that it's been getting worse and now it's to the point that I have to do something because I cannot live with this pain any longer.  I do everything with my right hand and it's pretty near impossible to work or do anything without using it.  I've tried so many pharmacy store bought braces it's ridiculous.  None of them worked for me and in fact the ones with the boning built into the wrist brace were bothersome and caused more pain while wearing. 

My doctor emailed me this morning to let me know what the wrist specialist said, since his specialty is shoulders and knees.  Basically, there is something truly wrong which looks like surgery will be needed.  He's set me up with a wrist surgeon in Walnut Creek for early next month.  It looks as if surgery won't happen for some time though, it sounds like they're backed up with patients.  In the meantime, he'll most likely give me a cortisone shot after my appt. with the surgeon if it looks like it'll be a wait. 

What I have is called ulnar styloid avulsion (from a possible old fracture I didn't know I ever had) with a fluid filled sac (pus) putting pressure on the triangular fibrocartilage.  Along with all that I appear to have a volarly tilt to my radius.  Hmmm. 

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