Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Monday, March 25, 2013

Hwy One to Mendocino

Michael and I drove up the coast to Mendocino yesterday.  In Bodega Bay we met seascape artist, Barry Marshall.  I particularly love the movement in his work.  Just take a look at his palette below.  He lays the paint on impasto which is another thing I love about his style.  There is a little video on the site.  We watched it, the sound quality isn't the best but it's nicely done and interesting to watch him work.  Barry lays down the sketch quickly using watered down paint and then works from there.
Back on the road again.
Some road work.
Ahead more road construction.
And again, more road work.

 Our friend, Roger, is building a pole house on the coast in Irish Beach.  He's a true craftsman.
We stopped in to see the house our friend, Roger, is building.

Roger is building his home out of mostly reclaimed materials that he gathers or purchases from various friends and sources.  The wood counter top underneath the hanging lights in the above picture was at one time part of a bowling alley lane.  The painting shown is one he painted.  Isn't it gorgeous?
Roger's work is very Ivan Earle like.
The Viking stove and I'm sure the hood, too, is new.  The tile backsplash is a mix of reclaimed and new.  The aqua tiles have some crazing throughout.
After a short visit with our friend, Sonja, in Irish Beach, we arrived at our quaint lodging for the next couple of days, one of my favorite places to stay.
Our breakfast was brought to our room, served on a lovely tray this morning.  Muffins, fruit, yogurt, orange juice and hot chocolate.  What a nice way to start the day. 

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