Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Still more to do.

Carlos (standing) and Jamie are hard at work laying the pavers and brick.  Every day I make them a nice big lunch and all day try to keep them hydrated with ice cold drinks and water.  We're so very pleased with their work and I think they know it.  They're good men and we're blessed to have found them via our neighbor. 
They started working early this morning.  Jamie arrived first and he and Michael ran to Home Depot to pick up mortar and a few more pavers.  Then when they got back, we drove to get another yard of fine grain sand. 

Then Michael and I made a couple of trips back and forth to Vacaville, getting the bricks, of which you see some of them stacked in the background.  Two pallets is what we ended up with to do the enclosed porch and the walkway, 1035 authentic used bricks total.  The guy at The Brickyard gave us a discount which was unexpected and very nice.  We all helped unload the bricks into the wheelbarrows and stack them in the yard.  Basically, I sat in the truck and unloaded the bricks off the pallet for the guys so it would be easier for them to reach the bricks and it ended up being much faster.  Less work.  I stacked neat little rows on the tailgate and they just grabbed them up and stacked in the wheelbarrows.  It went nice and smooth that way. 

We can't wait to see it all finished.  Especially Michael.  He doesn't like messes and I can tell this is making him nervous.  Having the yard all messy.   We have a lot of stuff.  Stuff like statues, stuff like yard art and knickknacks.  All cluttered and driving him insane.  I'm okay with it because I have a vision for it.  And patience.  Which is something that Mike doesn't have.  Patience.  ;-) 

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