Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Workshop

Between working on orders, we've been working on getting organized around the house and garage.  One of the things we recently finished up is a dust collection system in our garage workshop.  Our garage isn't very big, it's a small two car garage that has a wall partition separating our laundry area which makes our garage an even more cramped place to build things. 

This dust collection thing has been something we've been mulling over for some time now.  Since our business has grown, we had a never ending dust trail tracked inside the house and I was constantly sweeping up little bits of wood and dust.  Before this we were utilizing three shop vacs that we'd hook to each machine as it was being used to try to keep the dust at a minimum.  Impossible.  Sawdust was literally everywhere.  All the time.  In every crevice of our shop and outdoor areas.  Not to mention the dust that got into our lungs. 
Rikon Dust Collector
I have a professional breathing mask, eye goggles and ear protection and will keep on using these things because dust still flies through the air and when I'm sanding, small pieces of wood can fly off and get in my eye.  Which has happened.  One time, I had a piece of wood trapped in my eye for at least three months and it bugged the heck out of me.  I tried flushing it out with eyewash, looked in the magnifying mirror for it, rubbed my eye and nothing worked.  No, I didn't go to the doctor.  About four months ago is when it finally came out.  I had just gotten into bed for the night and it moved in my eye.  I decided to rinse my eye using the eye cup one more time.  I repeated that about five times with my eye open and rolling it around and around.  I got back into bed and felt it move, rubbed my eye and out it came onto my cheek.  It was an irritating tiny piece of wood and was finally out.  What a relief!
May the Force be with you.
Our new wood storage place.  Nice and easy to get the size board we need.
Our new SawStop saw.  Won't cut off your fingers.  Or, shouldn't!
Mike with his little plastic baggie protecting his hurt fingers.
Michael is cutting out the wood box beside our fireplace.  We no longer use this box and it made sense to open it up and create a storage space for our outdoor cushions.  We converted our fireplace to a gas burning one a long time ago and are planning on redoing the fireplace wall.  Some day.  Right now, it's a long bricked half wall with a hearth that sticks out into the room at least two feet, which makes it very difficult to arrange furniture.  The used brick is old and beautiful and I would like to incorporate it in our yard somehow.

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