Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Our Big Hike at Zion

We stopped at the visitor center on the first day at Zion.  We were overwhelmed with all the hikes available and not sure which one to do for our big hike.  I asked one of the rangers at the desk which was his favorite hike and he said Observation Point.  So we determined to do it on Friday, our third day there. 
This is where we began, at Weeping Rock.
The trail starting out.
Here comes Mike.
Wildflowers everywhere.
See all the zig zagging of the trail we started out on?
The beginning of Echo Canyon.
Someone looks like he's enjoying this hike. 
Somewhat narrow trails with obstacles to be aware of along a sheer cliff in several places.
Getting higher and higher.
And higher.

I very carefully leaned over the edge to get this shot off the cliff.  Straight down. 
My tiny rock sculpture.
Where's Mike?  Oh, there he is.
I thought this dead tree leaning on the cliff side was interesting.
I spy Mike.
Getting closer to the top.  Still a ways to go though.
Still climbing.
Notice how Mike stays very close to the rock wall.  He ain't going near the edge, he's no fool.
We're way up there!
Beautiful colors.
Notice Mike, he's got the stance down.  Go around me, people.  I'm NOT budging! 
There we are.  It's a bit windy, not cold, just windy and my hat kept wanting to fly off my head and off the mountain.  I didn't want to lose it.  That's why I put my hood on. 
Yay!  At the top.  It's flat and sandy heading out to the point.
At the point.  Observation Point, that is.
There was even a bluejay way up there.
Heading back down.
Back at Echo Canyon.
I think someone is happy to be heading down and closer to the bottom.  In all, it was an eight mile round trip and took us 6.5 hours.  We had lots of stops along the way, for picture taking and catching our breath and at the top we ate our peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.  Overall, we gained an elevation climb of 2,120 feet.

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