Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Fun Play Day Today

Mike carved a bird today and now he's carving another one.  Watch the video below, follow the link.
See the video HERE.
This one he carved earlier today and it's carved from a solid wooden post to install in the ground as you would a fence post with cement.  It will be listed in our Etsy shop when he's completely finished with it.
I'm excited to say that I've started painting again and I don't want to ever quit again.  It seems as though I go through long, long periods (years) where I don't paint at all.  Except furniture for our honeystreasures site, that is.  At first I was going to move all of my paintings and the photographs from my honeyscolors site and eventually close that shop but I decided against it and am going to keep it open for business.   

Here's a few of the paintings I started today to begin warming me up.
Pot of Hydrangeas.  Impasto.
Blue Trees.  (not finished)
Shorebird.  (not finished with this one either)
Zion Canyon.  (base layer of paint)  Waiting for this to dry before going back to it.

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