Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Yellow Yarrow and Horsetail
Some of our plants in the backyard died over the last winter, so we needed to replace them.
Mike's Quail he carved.
I love Statice, the flowers have almost a paper like feel.
This afternoon, we went to our favorite local nursery, Mid City Nursery, and picked up several plants.  Some of them are going into pots and some directly into the ground.  Mike just tells me to place them where I want them to go and he pops them into the ground.  Well, after he does the hard part and digs the hole.  While he was busy doing that, I made some burgers for dinner with grilled onions.  

We were pretty busy this week, lots of orders.  Thank you!  Today we worked on orders, I washed and hung out some laundry along with our bedsheets and blanket.  Oh, they smell so fresh and sweet after being blown about and air dried in the sunshine.  It was very windy today, too.  It even blew over my clothesline.  The sheets were like a sail, filled with air and tipped it right over.  Only one thing (one of Mike's t-shirts) got dirty from that fall and had to go back into the laundry bin for next time.

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