Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Painting Daily.

Some paintings I'm currently working on.  Please keep in mind, these are not quite finished and some are at only the first stage but I felt like sharing.
Purple Thistles.  This one is near completion, you can see it's signed in the lower right corner already.
Vase of Violets.  Just started.
Blue Heron.  First stage.
Van Gogh, After Van Gogh, Self Portrait. 

I started this painting about ten years ago then set it aside thinking I'd get back to it.  He was lonely and forgotten and stuck on a shelf.  Until now.  I came across him while organizing things, blew off the dust and got to work.  Since I'm back to painting, I decided to finish him.  He's not nearly completed, still a bit to go.  One nice thing, I had the basic sketch down and now I can have fun with it.  I'm thinking that I'm going to really like this one, namely I love everything Van Gogh and enjoy painting his paintings, especially his people portraits. 

Feeling blessed that we can work from home doing the things we love.  Making furniture and things for our customers is rewarding.  My jewelry cabinets have become pretty popular and I'm pleased because it was something that I felt was lacking in this area of the market.  I felt that I could improve on things and I think I did.  

After work each day, I try to make it a short day if possible so I can work in the afternoon on my paintings.  I just started another Taos landscape.  It's a bigger canvas, I think it's around a 16 x 24 or something like that.  Only the rough sketch is outlined with burnt sienna thinned down.  It's from a picture I got back in 2012 when we visited the Taos Pueblo on our vacation that year.

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