Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Amber Glow

As you can see, it's garbage day tomorrow.  I guess I should've positioned my camera at a different angle. lol
Last Christmas I didn't put up a tree or anything.  In fact, I have a whole attic full of Christmas decorations.  Boxes and boxes of them, it's kinda crazy.  I used to be obsessed with the whole decorating thing and I do miss it.  It's a whole lotta work though and last year I didn't do anything and this year I told Michael that I wasn't going to put up a tree again.  He seemed fine with it until he got up in the attic and grabbed these three woodland trees and brought them down.  Then I knew.  He wanted Christmas in the house. 

I'm really not a bah humbug person, I just don't feel like doing the work of it all.  I have enough work to do.  So I stopped off at Michael's (the craft store) after gym this morning and purchased two boxes of amber lights.  I didn't want bright white.  I wanted mellow yellow.  Now that it's up, I'm okay with it and it is kind of pretty.  Better than not having any tree or decorations up.  At least we have a little.  A little holiday glow.

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