Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Saturday at the Beach

Yesterday we went to Bodega Bay with our children and grandchildren.  What a fun time we had just goofing off and being around each other.  I'm so thankful for my family.

We packed all the stuff down the hill and onto the beach to set up and Aiden said that he and his dad saw a sign that said 'No Fires on the Beach.'  That was news to us since we've always had bonfires on the beach here.  Poor Seth had dragged the dolly all the way down the hill to the beach, piled with heavy boxes of bonfire wood on it, and now he had to drag it back up the hill to put it back onto the truck.  He just wanted to get it over with so he could enjoy himself for the day.  Mike ended up driving down to the local store to purchase a small portable grill to cook the hot dogs on.

Angelina and Aiden want to play a word game but no one is cooperating.

 Angelina and Uncle Seth

Mike's lone little container of mayo that Shilah brought.  He's the only one that uses mayo on his  hot dogs and I asked Shilah to bring him a small container of it.  He laughed at the size of it.  It was the perfect amount for him.
Our spread.
 Uncle Amon, the cool dude.

 Beautiful Shilah

 Aiden with Uncle Seth

Okay, so the object of this game is to stuff a marshmallow into your mouth and say, Chubby Bunny without chewing or swallowing the marshmallows.  Keep stuffing a marshmallow into your mouth one at a time and say Chubby Bunny until you can't say it any longer.

Here's Angelina and Uncle Seth.

Me and Seth at Chubby Bunny

 Seth wins every time.

Chubby Bunny.

 Aiden, Seth, me
 Seth, Aiden, Angelina

 Michael and Shilah


 Shilah and Amon
Time with Daddy.

The Stick.
The End.

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