Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tea Date with Jan

Today I drove to Auburn with my good friend, Jan, in tow.  About two months ago I'd made reservations for two to have high tea in Auburn at The Powers Mansion.  We made good time in my little VW Cabriolet, no traffic going or coming.  We left early enough in the morning that we had about ninety minutes or so to kill and did some antique shopping in Old Town Auburn.  Jan found a handheld antique dressing table mirror to add to her collection of mirrors hanging on the wall in her guest powder room.  I found a set of four cute little 70's cups for my new kitchen shelf.  Note:  The new kitchen shelf isn't made yet, it's my dream kitchen remodel we're going to be doing in the near near near future.  (I hope near.)  One other little treasure I found is an antique paint roller which I've never ever before seen the likes of.

When we arrived at the tea room, which by the way is also a bed and breakfast, it was very quiet.  The two owners/chefs were busy tinkering around in the kitchen preparing our things.

While they finished up in the kitchen we were free to roam around and take pictures and see what there was to see.  We had the whole place to ourselves and had some fun.
Our table was tucked in a private corner and decorated beautifully.

The table above was all set for the next guests to arrive.  A large party.
Pretty little things were for sale all over the place and I found two antique and hand painted dainty tea cups and saucers for collection.

Behind this door is where the magic happens.
I chose Creme Brûlée for my tea choice.
My pretty little tea pot.
Jan is having her tea poured.
After our tea was served we got carried away and started doing selfies.

Our first course consisted of a small salad, a cheese quiche and some fresh fruit.

Then came the three tiered tray.  Strawberry scones on the bottom, chicken salad and cucumber sandwiches in the middle and on top are three goodies, coconut cookies, a cupcake with sprinkles and pumpkin bread.  Everything is made from scratch and was delicious.

My scone with clotted cream and lemon curd.  Yummy!
Dena and Chris, (sorry, not sure who's who here) the two lovely ladies that make the magic happen.  Thank you for providing such a delicious tea and goodies for us.  We had such a fun time and will be back again!

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