Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Benicia Paint Out and a Bit of my Favorite Artist Ted Goerschner

The weather here is HOT.
We had planned to go to Crockett to paint with our plein air group but the plan was changed to paint in Benicia where it might be a bit cooler.  Here's some paintings we all started.  It was Me, Mike and Sue.
 Sue S.
 Sue S.
 Mikey boy close up.
 My view.
My beginning along with my energy drink.

While it was still warm in Benicia, it was not nearly as hot as Fairfield.  Shortly after 2 p.m. we packed up and headed to our house to watch an instructional dvd that we own by my favorite artist, Ted Goerschner.  In it, he critiques and works on other artist's paintings from one of his workshops.  It's lovely to watch him work.  He paints quickly and Ted was an expert in composition and color and contrast.  I only wish I could have met him in person before he passed away.  The art gallery owner in Carmel told me he was a delightful person.  His wife, Marilyn, is an artist as well.

You can read his obit here.

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