Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Old Clocktower Plein Air Session

This morning we met up with our fellow plein air painters in Benicia at the old Clocktower.

When we arrived, Sue S. was the first one there and had already begun working on her landscape.

The one shown here is Mike's painting.  He decided to stay up in the parking lot and paint some trees nearby and the hills in the distance looking out over the water.
When we first got there, I had to walk around and explore before deciding on what to paint.  Once I saw it, I knew that was the scene for me.
Here's me working.

I have a lot of colors that I keep on my palette (in the freezer) so they are always fresh, constantly adding to and mixing my grays.  I use the grays to mix my colors.
This is the scene I'm painting, shown above.

The pictures below are just some taken from around the clocktower.

JoAnne M. working.
Hey, Sue.
Sue decided to change things up a bit.

After we were all finished with painting, Mike and I drove into town and parked not too far from the gallery.  We had lunch at The First Street Cafe.  I had sliders.  Yum!

Then we all met up at the gallery at 3 p.m. for a friendly critique session.
Here comes the one we were waiting to arrive, Jerry.
Our little paintings all lined up.  Mike, mine, and at the end are Sue's.  She did two paintings.
 Sue S.
 Mike's Tree, My Guard House.
 Dixie had cookies, strawberries and water for us back at the gallery.

Before things get serious (jk) we snack a little.
 The critiquing begins.

Everyone is excited for the parade to begin.

Sue giving Mike some advise on painting techniques and encouraging him.
 My painting after the critique session.
Mike's painting after the critique session.

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