Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Plein Air Weekend Paint Outs

Yesterday we went to Sloughhouse Ranch and today we went to Miller Knox Regional Shoreline Park.
My sketch.
Mike chose to paint the truck from the sunny side.
We met Bruce H., a fabulous painter.

My Strada Easel with my energy drink.
Here's the pictures from today's paint out.
The view from the top of the hill.  This is where mostly everyone from the group chose to paint.  Except me and Mike.
JoAnn M.
JoAnn M.
JoAnn Mc's bug and set up.
Joanne U.
I took this photo just to show you how steep the hill was that we had to pull (push) this heavily loaded contraption up.

Of course, I hunted around for a landscape to paint and found a scene much more difficult to get to.  It was on the trail just below the top of the hill where everyone else painted, but to get there more easily we decided it would be better to drive down to the bottom of the hill and park the truck and pull (me pushing hard at the back end) the wagon up the hill to the spot to paint from.  Which really was a lot less work because the trail from the road was a little more even.  It did have some big ditches that the wheels kept wanting to go into though and would get stuck.  Then I would have to lift it up and out of the ditch and back onto the trail.

Going back down the hill was a lot easier. For one thing, I rearranged the chairs so they didn't keep sliding off the top of the wagon each time it went into the ditch.
The view we chose to paint.
Mine, pretty much finished.  Mike still working.
Our set up.

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