Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Backyard Progress

PG&E is going to take out the big pine tree sometime around Nov. or Dec. for us.  Yippee!  The ivy is out, the new fence in and the work going on right now is laying down the brick paths.  Michael has been removing our brick patio and making paths in the yard.  Scattered around between the paths will be some lovely flowering plants one of which will be my favorite: hydrangeas.  Whatever we put in the ground will have to love shade and will help soften the edges of the path.  We want to plant a Japanese Maple Tree somewhere in the garden.

Once all the bricks are off the concrete patio we'll decide what we'll do about that area.  Not sure if we'll just clean it up and repair the cracks or what.  One thing that we'll be doing against the house is putting in a planter for me to grow some tomatoes and things.  It's an area that gets lots of sunshine.

A state of disarray.

Path leading from table around the yard towards shed and hammock.

Path from table to various parts of the yard. Can you see the hammock against the fence?
 We cannot wait to have this part completed.  Once we get the paths in we can focus on tilling up the grass, putting some nutrition back into the soil, purchasing plants, planting them and then on to the patio.  By the time we're done with all this it should be close to winter when PG&E promised they'll take out the tree for us.  And for them.  It's going to save them time and money as well from not having to cut it back from the high voltage lines every year.

Then we'll be on to building our new shed.  Michael has already drawn up the plans and it's going to be so cute.  Just wait till you see it.  It's going to have old windows (already purchased) and handcrafted shutters on each side.  The door is going to be just as sweet.  Almost like a little cottage in Carmel.  Almost.

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