Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Carmel Trip

Camel Beach Picnic

Michael enjoying the view

Grilled Chicken on Swirled Rye with Chips

Me wrapped up in Skips old flannel jacket

Our scruffy little one legged friend

Another hungry little person

Michael napped, I wandered

A little rest
Our 5th wheel in tow, we drove to Carmel for the weekend.  Friday night had dinner with Tom and Patti.  A lovely little visit and of course, I had grilled salmon.  I even had a Lemon Drop cocktail.  Delicious.  Woke up early Saturday morning and drove out to Carmel Valley to an antique flea market that was going on.  Stopped at quite a few yard sales along the way.  Found lots of great little treasures and trinkets.

Later in the afternoon we drove to our favorite little deli to grab some picnic goodies and headed to the beach for some down time.  Our lovely picnic grabbed the attention of some little scavengers begging for a bite or two.  I think most of my chips ended up in their tummies.  


  1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed them. We'll be ready for another trip to the beach soon, we're missing it already. ;D