Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Monday, September 19, 2011

Last Day of Vacation

What a way to begin our vacation, with a flat tire in Oregon on our way up Interstate 5 on Sept. 3rd, and of course, nothing but the most exciting fun for us to end it with a broken Leaf Spring on our trailer.  Our 5th wheel is stuck in Geyserville for repairs, not sure when we'll have it back yet.  Thank goodness we didn't get in an accident on the freeway; smoke was flying out the rear end of our trailer along with a burning smelly mess.  We're very thankful it wasn't worse. 

I was wondering what would be our last picture to show off our gorgeous vacation, not even guessing it'd be something like this.  Seems as if every time we take our 5th wheel out for a trip that some unforeseen and exciting event follows.  What a thrilling life we lead, huh?  At least I didn't cry even though I felt like it and we didn't argue or fight, that's a plus.  Perhaps we're getting a little too comfortable with things going wrong?  Perhaps we're both secretly wondering what will happen this time?  Very grateful the owner (and his wife) of the repair shop had pulled up just as we were about to give up and not knowing where or what to do.  They were so very nice and helped us in a time of need and provided some solutions to our dilemma.  We were able to leave the camper at his shop and go home in our truck.  We'll be taking a day off work to pick it up when it's all ready to go, whenever that will be.

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