Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ah, relaxation.

Went to Felton over the weekend on a camping trip with some friends of ours and camped at Cotillion Gardens in the redwoods.  Even though it was a weekend filled with activities (we played games, had some BBQ dinners, went out for breakfast in Santa Cruz at The Buttery Bakery, got pedicures, picked up some new Red Wing work boots for Michael and dropped off a bunch of negatives at the photo lab, drove to Capitola both days and even drove to Moss Landing for an afternoon of antiquing) we got in some relaxation time and even slept in each morning.

This is what to do with your vehicle when you need some body work.  ;-)
Moss Landing
The Whole Enchilada Market
Varieties of sweet oranges to sample
While at Moss Landing we visited the produce market and had lunch at the nearby deli.
 Candy and nuts.
Just before we left Moss Landing, near the boats, was this cute guy floating on his back and soaking in the sun.  Every once in a while he'd glance over at us watching him.  What a cutie pie!
We drove into Capitola both days, the weather was so warm, the beach was packed with people in shorts and swimsuits and surfers.  Had an ice-cream sundae and enjoyed it sitting on a bench outside in the sunshine.  In the middle of January!

Last night, the last night spent camping, we watched Taken 2 and ate some Key Lime Pie from The Buttery Bakery.  If you're ever in Santa Cruz, I highly recommend stopping by this bakery to have some Key Lime Pie.  You will not regret it!  It's so delicious.  Normally, I look forward to visiting Gayle's Bakery but by accident discovered The Buttery Bakery and now have a new favorite.  Gayle's is still a favorite.

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