Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Friday, January 25, 2013

New Barber Pole

Mike's Original Barber Pole
A couple of years ago, Michael's antique spinning 'Marvy' barber pole was stolen from in front of his barber shop.  So, he made this barber pole to replace it.  Like so many of our escapades, this one blossomed into a little business.  We began selling them on Ebay and then opened up an Etsy shop, Mike's Barber Poles.
Disney Candy Cane Barber Pole
Soon after starting out on Etsy we got a request from a set designer working on a new film set for Disney.  And thus, our Disney Barber Pole, which has been seen in a Geico Motorcycle Insurance commercial.  

Last year, Facebook bought a large barber pole from us for their new barbershop on the campus. 
The Edward Hopper Barber Pole for the Facebook Campus.
Below is our most recent barber pole that was a custom order for a new barbershop opening up in Springfield, Missouri.  Designed after our 'Original Barber Pole' this one is a little more hefty, sporting 6 inch hand carved wooden balls on each end, the barrel itself is 7 inches in diameter. 
Blue and White Barber Pole
The future home of the antiqued blue and white pole above.  
We just shipped it off to him today and he's going to email me some pictures once it's hung.  Takes 5 business days to get to him.  ;)

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