Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Garden Path

Our path is now installed.  The past two days we've been working on this.  Digging out tree roots and leveling the ground.  We put down the small rocks and the path stones yesterday. 
A long time ago Michael made this cute little bridge to go over the dry creek bed.
Our little sitting area, not quite finished yet.  We simply stuck these two green chairs here temporarily until I decide how I want to furnish it.  My Auntie Yvonne gave us the rusted animal screen seen behind the umbrella.  There's something about rusty old things in a garden setting that I love.  We need to fix the wall down below the window in the picture above.  Have a couple of different ideas floating around in my head as to how to address this issue.  Small animals and rodents can get in that space to nest and I want to prevent that from happening.

Once that is completed I would like to paint the fence length to the right of the chairs.  It needs to be replaced eventually, probably next year.  In the meantime, I'd like to try a fun color on the fence temporarily to see if I like it.  You're going to think I'm crazy but I want to try a bright yet cool color: periwinkle.  A former client of mine had done that, painted her entire fencing in their backyard periwinkle and it was gorgeous.  It had an almost Mediterranean feel to it.  
The lamp post seen above, is broken.  We are going to install a new one soon.

Looking outward from the chairs.  I'm not going to paint the fencing you see in the above picture.  Only the fence that is to the left side which is unseen in this picture.  You can see that I had some leftover stepping stones and incorporated them into the garden beds so I can get in there for weeding.  Once we put in the mulching I might take out most of them.  Not sure yet.

This is looking toward the shed, where that monstrosity of a tree used to be.  It grew up into the high voltage power lines and PG&E took it out for us.  Thank you, PG&E!
Our newest planter with Horsetail which we bought at Mid City Nursery.   My favorite place to buy plants and supplies.  They are so very knowledgeable.

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