Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Saturday, July 6, 2013


The Chabot Review has been published annually since it's inception in 1961.  My son, Amon, recently wrote a poem and he entered it into the contest and it was accepted for publishing in the 2013 Chabot Review.  His poem, Starry Night, is on page twenty six. 

Starry Night by
Amon Williams

How I remember the starry sky!  
It's infinite majesty blanketing me upon the earth.
Looming before me, the Great Bear, sharply
defined, dominating, imposing.
The night tyrant retired from her perch,
a brief repose until she returns to dull the night
once again.

Fires burn in the heavens, earnestly toiling, 
ever diminishing,
illuminating the 'verse for all to see.

Invariably one at last exhausts its patience
erupting, painting fleeting streaks of white
luminescence across the dark canvas.
As if a signal, the sky explodes with lights,
plunging storms, antecedents
to yielding before the blackness.

Firmament bright, but calm now, no sign
of the outburst remains.  Nothing left but 
lonely stars,
remnants of a once violent night.


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