Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Monday, November 11, 2013

Ready for the Cooler Weather

We've been hiking this hill, up to the very top, three to four days each week and two days per week I do a Spin Class at the gym and Michael goes on a little bike ride.  I cannot tell you how good it feels to climb up this hill.  Sometimes we take a longer route which winds it's way around to the back side of the tower and meanders through scrub oaks and cherry trees and other tree species.  It's really quite pretty.  I'm prepared for when the weather turns a little cooler and am looking forward to it as it gets quite warm on this hike.  I just bought some new clothing and a hat to keep my ears warm from the biting and chilling winds for when the weather turns.  Our plan is to hike throughout the winter, weather permitting.  If it rains, the trails will get muddy and then we'll have to change up our workout by trekking the hill going to Rancho Solano which is also a pretty good climb but is paved.
Still blue and purple.  Some of my hydrangeas are fading.
Delicate looking Cyclamens are popping up in our wooded section of the yard.
All of my potted wild rose plants are showing signs of needing some tlc.
I retired my work pants recently.  I think I would have kept them had they not been full of holes in the crotch area.  Big holes.  Too big to repair and I wasn't going to run around wearing these any longer.  It's kind of funny, every time I go into a store wearing my work pants, little children stare at my pants.  Now I'm working on getting a new pair to look as good!  ha ha

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