Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Friday, November 1, 2013

Yesterday Morning Hike

We started out at the free parking lot (so we'd get a little more walking in) at Lagoon Valley/Pena Adobe Park
Inside the park at this point.
Began going up the hill on this gravel road.
A group of morning hikers ahead of us.
Looking toward the freeway.
Golden morning hillside.  There's the tower we're heading to.
Mike has his walking stick and knee brace on.
At this point, we've already passed the group of hikers.
Here comes Mike followed by the people.  As you can see, I've run on ahead.  It's all about the pictures for me.  Well, and the hike!  I love to climb hills.
I think at this point, Mike is thinking, 'What the (insert swear word of your choice) did I get myself into?'
Steep climb here.
Beautiful lichen covered rocks scattered throughout.
Still a ways off.
Me and my hiking shoes.  Keens are so comfortable.
Almost to the top!
Passing the Vacaville Prison off to the right of the path.
At the top.
Heading down the steep main road to the bottom. 

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