Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Monday, January 27, 2014

Gambonini Ranch

Last week after we left Walker Creek Ranch, we headed down Marshall-Petaluma Road and passed by this cool looking ranch.  We slowed down and pulled over hoping to get permission to take pictures.  No one was home and two dogs were barking.  Across the street this cute little old lady came out of her house because of the dogs going crazy and at first I thought she was just trying to keep an eye on us.  I walked over and asked if she knew who owned the property and she said that she did and kindly gave her permission for us to mosey around so I could get some shots.
Lots of cool rusty old trucks.
A junkyard of old cars behind the large barn.
A rusting old buggy.
Pair of rusty refrigerators.
Tons of stuff in this barn.

The Gambonini Ranch.
The barn photograph above was taken a little further down the road.  I asked Mike to stop the truck and I quickly hopped out and ran down the road to get this because I love the shadow play on the roof from the tree.

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