Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hiking Trails All Over the Place

After another breakfast of oatmeal this morning, we took a short six mile drive down the street to Five Brooks Trailhead.  Michael has been planning this hike for days, he had it all mapped out and he wanted to hike to the ridge.  We followed the main fire road all the way to Fir Top, which is the ridge, where we each had a half of peanut butter and jam sandwich and then headed back down.  This time we did seven miles round trip.
We began here.
Starting out the road follows along a small pond.
Winding our way up the road, it's a steady climb.
Sunlit greens and smoky blues and peaches with rust colors abound.
This guy created some serious dust when he came back down the hill and we had to stop to let it all settle.  He's going up at this point.  That flat thing on the right drops down and has a sharp edge that chops down everything in it's path.  When we got to the top of the ridge, it was up there with the flat thing down and that's what we sat on to eat our lunch.  The guy running it was on his lunch break, picked up by another worker that took him down to the bottom.
See the hills in the distance?  That's where we were yesterday when we hiked 9.34 miles.
At the top, Fir Top that is.
It's our anniversary.
Back at the bottom.  All pooped out, legs feeling heavy and tired from two days of hiking.  We're going to rest up before we go out for dinner.

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