Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tea Date with Friends

Today I went to another tea house, lucky me.  I think I am enjoying this tea house thing, seems to me as if I'm determined to visit them all.  It is fun to get dressed up a little and treat yourself once in a while.  There is one special tea house in San Francisco that I'm dying to try. 

This time the tea house of choice was Ciocolat in Davis.  I went to the tea house accompanied by my daughter, Shilah, along with my friend, Jan, and her daughter, Laurie.  I found out about this place on Groupon and purchased their High Tea special.  It's a quaint shop in downtown Davis and I think that I read somewhere they are known for their desserts.  I can certainly see why, the desserts are small bites of pure decadence.
Our server (it was her first day) greeted us in a friendly manner and served us tea and scones.  We each received two nice sized cranberry scones along with a small bowl of lemon curd to share.
Before the four petite sandwiches pictured above had arrived, they brought us a small green salad to enjoy.
A tiny marbled chocolate cup with cream and strawberry.
Chocolate Decadence Cake. 
Lemon Tart topped with blueberry.  After dessert they brought a small plate of fruit and cream.
Some cakes in their display case.

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